Post Graduate


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Care Technology (PG- DCCT)


    About Course and Duration: 1 Year
    Medical Science has witnessed a significant advancement in Cardiac Care technology in recent years; Electrocardiogram (ECG), Exercise Stress Testing, Echocardiogram (ECHO), and Cardiac catheterization have been proven as lifesaving technologies. There is also an increase in the health care setup having dedicated cardiac care facilities. However, these advanced technologies require trained healthcare professionals who can operate machines and can assist cardiologists to make the best use of the available technology. There is a dearth of such trained manpower for cardiac care technology.

    The 1-year course of “POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA OF CARDIAC CARE TECHNOLOGY” is specifically designed to meet this requirement. Students would be trained in various cardiac care technologies mainly Electrocardiogram (ECG), Exercise Stress Testing (Treadmill Test-TMT), and Echocardiogram (ECHO) with an orientation to cardiac catheterization under the expert guidance of teaching faculties/clinicians of the Department of Medicine of Pramukhswami Medical College and would get an extensive hands-on training at Shree Krishna Hospital as well as at Bhanubhai and Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre; Charutar Arogya Mandal’s premier Institutions.


    Eligibility: B.Sc. (in any subject) from a recognized University.

    Scope / Outcome: In the Cardiac Technology Course, students will develop the basic skills necessary to monitor patients for any type of cardiac problems within a healthcare setting. The student will be able to do the ECG and other cardiac investigations enabling the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and treat the patient.

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dietetics (PGDCD)


    About Course and Duration: 1 Year
    The course of the Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dietetics is specifically planned to prepare competent clinical dieticians to work efficiently in hospitals and health care settings. Students would be trained in the art and science of diet counseling, planning & preparation of therapeutic diets, etc. The course would be conducted by the Dietary Department of Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad; which is managed by qualified clinical dieticians and other staff well trained for healthy & hygienic as well as therapeutic food preparation, their distribution to all admitted patients, and other related services.


    Eligibility : B.Sc. Home Science (Food & Nutrition of Food Science & Quality Control) or equivalent or B.Sc. (Nursing) from any recognized University.


    Scope / Outcome: Candidates have procured different types of dietitian positions such as clinical dietitians, community dietitians, management dietitians, and consultant dietitians. Each of these positions offers different career options, such as food nutrition services in hospitals, nutrition counseling in public health agencies, and fitness clubs or clinical management in food service systems.

  • Medical Technology (Perfusion Technology)


    About Course and Duration: 2 Years
    This postgraduate course in Perfusion Technology provides an opportunity for B.Sc. students to pursue their careers as Perfusion Technologists or Perfusionists. During open-heart surgery, the cardiopulmonary bypass (or heart-lung) machine maintains the patient's life by taking over the functions of the heart and lungs. Perfusionists are highly skilled professionals who operate life-support equipment such as heart-lung machines, intra-aortic balloon pumps & ventricular assist devices in the operating room during open heart surgery. In addition, perfusionists, in coordination with the surgeon and anaesthesiologist, are responsible for regulating the patient’s levels of oxygen/carbon dioxide and for monitoring circulation. The course would be conducted at Bhanubhai and Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre.


    Eligibility: B.Sc. in Perfusion Technology / B.Sc in health care with PG Diploma in Perfusion Technology / B.Sc. Medical Technology (any speciality) / B.H.M.S / B.A.M.S / B.D.S / B.Sc. With Microbiology / Zoology / Botany / Physics / Chemistry / Biotechnology / Genetics or B.Sc. (Nursing) from any recognized university.


    Scope / Outcome: Candidates would be able to work as highly skilled and qualified Perfusionists in any cardiac surgical setup, a faculty in a college offering a Perfusion technology program & also work in the industry as a clinical specialist, etc.

  • Medical Technology (Radiography & Medical Imaging Technology)


    About Course and Duration: 2 Years
    This post-graduate degree course provides an opportunity for the graduates to pursue their career as a “Radiographer” or “Medical Imaging Technologist”. This course provides advanced learning in Radiography & Medical Imagingincluding Radiological Technical Research, with appropriate skills to meet the challenges of upcoming Advance Radiographic procedures & Medical Imaging Techniques. The post-graduate will be specifically trained in various modern cutting-edge applications of X-Ray, CT scans, MRI scans, DSA, etc. In addition, they will be able to effectively manage Radio-diagnostic and Imaging service facilities involving Conventional Radiography, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography, Radiographic Procedure using Image Intensifier, specialized Radiographic Machines (like Mammography & Orthopantomography), Ultrasound instrumentation & care, Doppler instrumentation & care, Interventional Radiographic procedures, Digital subtraction Angiography (DSA), Multi-Detector Computer Tomography (MDCT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Successful post-graduates of the course may be hired in various Hospitals (Corporate, Trust, Private, or Government), Radiology Clinics, And Radiological Machine Manufacturing Companies (as Application Specialists, Application Development researchers, etc.


    Eligibility : B.Sc. In Medical Imaging Technology, Radiology & Imaging Technology or Equivalent 3 years Graduate program after 12th Science having 3 years duration with 1-year Internship, an examination in any other university with 10+2+3 system recognized as equivalent to any of the above courses.


    Scope / Outcome: Candidates would be able to work as highly skilled and qualified in any radiological set-up & work as Applications Specialists, Quality control Technologists, Sales and marketing of the radiology industry, etc. Other Administrative posts in the Medical Imaging department & hospital, Teaching & research faculty in Medical colleges, and Research Scientists in the Medical imaging industry, etc.