About Us

Welcome to CAM Institute of Allied Health Sciences & Technology

Adding to the list of academic institutions of Mandal is the “CAM Institute of Allied Health Sciences and Technology”, which offers courses that prepare professionals for the diagnosis of various conditions. Allied health professionals aim to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses and often work within a multidisciplinary health team to provide the best patient outcomes. With advancements in medicine, the demand for specialized jobs related to Clinical diagnosis has increased, and we extend professional training for such specific skills and expertise.

There have been a host of other courses that prepare professionals in other clinical fields of treatment which were under the purview of L P Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology, but from 2017 onwards are being offered under a separate institute known as “CAM Institute of Allied Health Sciences and Technology”

The Institute, in collaboration with other premier institutions of Charutar Arogya Mandal such as Shree Krishna Hospital, Pramukhswami Medical College, M.S. Patel Cancer Centre, and Madhuben & Bhanubhai Cardiac Centre, has also introduced various other graduate and postgraduate courses in allied health sciences and technology to impart training to the students in a variety of specializations such as clinical laboratory technology, Imaging Technology, Respiratory care Technology, and Operation theatre & Anaesthesia Technology, Perfusion technology and clinical dietetics.

We believe that purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind. Our aim is to teach the upcoming youths to learn, not just to study. Hence, we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere books. We realized that the future is abstract and unknown but the youth in our hands are real and can be molded. Our institution also focuses on molding students toward a bright future. Our institution provides a basic foundation for the students so that they can acquire the necessary skills for becoming future nightingales.

Health Care Professionals, well-trained in various Medical Technologies, have an extremely challenging and rewarding career ahead. Since the use of advanced technologies in the diagnosis and management of patients has greatly increased globally in recent years; the requirement for trained and skilled manpower to assist in various diagnostic and therapeutic technologies has also been growing rapidly. Students can very well be absorbed by a number of hospitals, diagnostic centers, research and biotechnology Institutions, etc. with attractive remuneration.

We constantly strive to upgrade the existing programs, to make them more skill oriented to cater to the need of the hour. The management has taken the initiative to utilize the expertise and experience of the senior faculty members by creating seven Education Groups, viz, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Assessment, Clinical Training, Students Support, Research, Professional Development, and Academic Administration. The Chairman of each group is a senior faculty and other members of the groups are also dedicated faculty of our institute. Each group has its Guiding Philosophy and Scope of Work. Each group is actively engaged in working in their respective areas, takes policy decisions for the benefit of the students in general, and submits the same to the management. There is deliberation if required, and then it is implemented. Horizontal and vertical integration in teaching at the undergraduate level, the Clerkship program at III MBBS level, promotion of research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and excellent co- & extracurricular activities are the results of such initiatives of the management.

Horizontal and vertical integration has been introduced since 2008 at the UG level. For the first two years, it is system-based integration and for the third year, it is disease-based integration. The concerned faculty members plan the teaching and follow the plan. Feedback is taken in the end. Case Base learning facilitates the integration approach. Such integration also includes the clinical application part.

Feedback is taken after the teaching is completed. It is analyzed and necessary changes are done in teaching methodology in the following years.

The Foundation course is a unique feature of our institute. It is conducted when a new session commences. It covers not only professional skills but also includes ethics, integrity, mutual respect, trustworthiness, sympathy, empathy, managing the self, etc. It is mandatory for all the students at all levels to attend this course.

The institute organizes orientation for UG as well as PG freshers.