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Anti-Ragging Committee

All the students are expected to maintain strict discipline on campus and adhere to rules and regulations, particularly in relation to their overall conduct, academic performance, and attendance throughout their academic tenure.

As per Bhaikaka University's requirement, the institute has an Anti-ragging committee because “Ragging” is categorically banned in the institution as per the Judgment of the Supreme Court of India. Anyone indulging in ragging or any kind of indiscipline is likely to be punished appropriately, which may include expulsion from the institution.

Sr.No. Name Status Email Id Telephone No
1 Dr. Utpala Kharod Dean of the College utpalank@charutarhealth.org 02692-228451
2 Dr. Shirish Srivastava Representatives from Faculty members shirish@charutarhealth.org 02692-228452
3 Dr. Sunil Trivedi Representative of Faculty members sunilst@charutarhealth.org 02692-228500
4 Dr. Viren Doshi Representative NGO - 02692-251166
5 Mr. Daniel Representative Non-teaching staff pdanielashok@charutarhealth.org 02692 228455
6 Ms. Vidhi Patel
Ms. Reshma Patel
Ms. Shailee Oza
A representative from Senior Girls - 9979543290
7 Mr. Devashish Palkar
Mr. Deep Patel
A representative from Senior Boys - 9998141221
8   Freshers Representatives    
9 Dr. Nayna Patel
Dr. Purvesh Kothari
Parents Representatives purkothari@aol.com 9913603644
10 A representative from Police Administration Representative Dist. Supt Police - 02692 260027
11 A representative from Local Media Nayapadkar Representative - Editor Shri Chirag Dave - 02692 252840
12 Mamlatdar (Rural) Anand Representative Shri G J Patel mam_anand@gujarat.gov.in 02692 - 260264